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Who's Memorial?


About Never-Gone.com

About Never-Gone.com is a website that allows people to setup online memorials to honor the life of a lost loved one. The site is 100% free forever. At Never-Gone.com you can add photo and videos, stories, memories, tributes, candles and many other features to your online memorial. Our memorials are as feature rich as you can get. We are also always working to make the site better. We listen to our visitors and adjust the site based on what they like.

Who is Never-Gone.com and why this site?

This is a very common question I get. The answer to this question provides the answer to many other questions such as how can I do it for free? How can I keep the site up-to-date? How can I provide members with whatever it is they want?

The answer is simple. This site is owned and operated by me, the president of a successful web development firm. The site is free because I don't have any money invested in it, I built it myself. What about server costs? Well, being the president of a web development company, I already have my own servers for my client sites, this site runs on those servers. Though many others claim these sites cost alot of money to pay for the servers and bandwidth, in reality, they don't.

That also answers the questions, how do I do keep the site up-to-date and provide members with whatever they want? I built the site from scratch. I didn't pay another company to build the site for me. I personally wrote every line of code, I designed the graphics, I developed the database, I did the marketing and it runs on my servers. Simply put, you ask for it, I build it.

So why this site? Because, even though I am a web developer, I am also human. I too have lost my dear loved ones and miss them very much. When I went to look for an online memorial site for my grandmother, I couldn't find anything that met my standards of a "good" website. Not to mention half of them cost money. That is why you all can enjoy this service. I wanted to honor the life of my very much loved and missed grandmother and allow others to do the same.


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1941 - 2017
Jean Boos
Atlanta, Georgia
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1964 - 2017
Thomas Potere
Southeast, Michigan
Thomas P. Potere, age 52, passed away on Monday, April 17, 2017. He...View Memorial
1962 - 2017
Randall Kupp
Appleton, Wisconsin
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1955 - 2017
Lyndie Cousar
Howell, New Jersey
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