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Memorry of Eillic Kozaks-Papadolpoulos-Jove
4/28/1984 - 4/12/2078

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

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Boss Royality Kozaks Emperor, Great Husband, & Great Greek Norse Roman Alien Vampire Zombie Werewolf X Men dark copper magic kozaks shadow of Magic, & Father of the Kozaks Family of the world of King Zeus & King Odin's Earth;


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From: eldon kozaks Wednesday, January 03, 2018
Emperor of the kozaks life on King Zeus & King Odin's Earth of lifetime & memories- 1. Being Born on Apprial 28, 1984 at the Salt Lake City Greek Norse Roman Vampire Zombie Alien Slappy Hospital, at 10:28 in the morning; with the doctors of Leo Wyatt & his great uncle, Apollo Papadolpoulos. 2. He lived in Salt Lake City, Utah with his grandparents of Taylorsville, Utah, until age two half yrs old, then later being adopted to Billy Ray Cyrus of Franklin, Tennessee. 3. His reality familes are: Billy Ray Cyrus, Jon Voight, George Clooney, Greek Gods, Thor, along with the Norse Gods, all Utah Denison familes, All Johnston's familes of Emmett, Idaho. My greatest parents of my life before being adopted out by Billy Ray Cyrus, Jon Voight, George Clooney, Santa Claus, (Thor Radnarok & Seif Radnarok) of New York City & London, England. 4. Life as of enjoyment by being spoil brat by everyone except from my make a believe family, such as, my birth parents- Brent Eugene Johnston & Lori Kay Denison, along with my younger brother, Alexander Denison Johnston, along with my brother's family of Utah.

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