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In loving memory of Mark Graham
12/30/1952 - 9/26/2019

Location: Houston, Texas

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This memorial was created in honor of Mark William Graham of Houston, Texas. Mark was born on December 30, 1952 and passed on September 26, 2019. Mark was loved by many and will be dearly missed by all friends and family.

Mark William Graham, age 66 of both Houston & Seguin, Texas went home to be with our Lord on September 26, 2019 after a long illness. He grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. Mark joined the Air Force after graduating high school and received his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business at St. Leo College prior to relocating to Houston. Mark enjoyed the distinct honor of completing his law degree at South Texas Law School. In Houston, Mark served as an administrative judge for the Texas Workforce Commission for 25 years. Mark also enjoyed 35 years as a Reserve Deputy Constable at Harris County Precinct 1, where he also volunteered many hours of service to the residents of Houston. Following retirement, Mark worked for Rice University as a police officer. Mark's career was full and he also volunteered both in an administrative and labor capacity for Retired Rabbit Sanctuary & Cheyenne Rescue and Sanctuary in San Antonio, Texas. Rescuing animals was a passion of Mark’s and he drove around the state to collect surrendered animals, primarily rabbits. Mark also assisted on international rescues saving many lives that would have been euthanized. His last few years he was in Seguin, Texas while working with the animal rescue and caring for as many ill or elderly animals as possible that were considered unadoptable. If an animal was in need Mark would not hesitate to help. If they showed up on his doorstep, as many did, regardless of whether they were domestic or wild, Mark would offer them food, water or medical care & a pet.

Rather than exchanging material Christmas gifts, Mark & his wife would donate to their favorite charities. Mark was also a member of St. Cecilia's Catholic Church in Houston for many years.

Mark was a good provider for his family and an amazing husband to his loving wife, Selma of nearly 38 years. He always remembered special family events, anniversaries and birthdays. Mark was humble, thoughtful, generous to a fault, kind to everyone and virtuous with a good sense of humor that he didn't mind sharing. Mark treated everyone with dignity and respect. Mark was a strong believer in fairness and had an even stronger since of justice. He'd give his last dollar to a person living on the street then would return with a hot meal for them. Mark would sacrifice all year so he could give a large donation to his favorite charity. An annual Christmas tradition was delivering gifts around Houston to the elderly through Sheltering Arms. Mark frequently would buy pet food and supplies for several animal rescues then spent the day volunteering with them.

One of Mark's many sayings was to always smile at a stranger and you might just change their life or at least make their day. Mark was friends with everyone and if he saw someone in need he would always go out of his way to lend a helping hand. He had a big heart and gave continuously of himself. Mark loved and was loved by many friends and family. He will be dearly missed.

Mark is preceded into heaven by both his parents, James W. and Mary Graham. Mark leaves behind his loving wife, Selma Buchholz-Graham, two sisters, C. Kelly Graham and Tracy Collins both from Cleveland, Ohio, a cousin Susan Paul from San Diego, CA, and uncle to many nieces and nephews as well as many friends.
In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to The Retired Rabbit Sanctuary or Cheyenne Rescue and Sanctuary, 9682 Kirkner Road, San Antonio, TX 78263-5502 ( or The American Cancer Society. Condolences can also be left for the family at this site A memorial candle may also be lit.may also be lit.

Mark's funeral will be celebrated at St. James Catholic Church, 510 S. Camp St., Seguin, TX, 78155 at 3:00 pm Friday, November 15th, 2019. A reception will follow the Mass at St. James Catholic Church. Private interment will be at a later date.


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From: Selma Buchholz-Graham Tuesday, December 17, 2019
Mark & his little boy Pinky: When Mark & I both worked in the same office building we had a little handicap bunny that the vet wanted to put to sleep but we couldn't do that. This little bunny showed up in our cat carrier on our back door step barely a few days old and with his eyes still closed in January 2002. Mark found several babies but this was the only one we could save and we bottle fed him. As he got a little older he needed to have his bladder expressed several times a day so Mark brought him to work with him since he had a private office. Mark named him Pinky because he was a little bare pink skin baby when he found him, long before Pinky became the beautiful soft silky white bunny with pink eyes who stole everyone's heart. Pinky came to work with Mark everyday for several weeks, staying in a 10 gallon fish tank in his office during the day, because he needed around the clock care. I'd come over at lunchtime to help care for Pinky & have lunch with Mark. Well eventually Mark's Supervisor found out about Pinky and ordered Mark to remove him from the office. Mark almost quit over her callousness since all his hearings were done over the phone & rarely did anyone come into his office. We finally decided that one of us would have to go home at lunch to care for him because Houston was way too expensive to try to live on one income. It was a fifty mile round trip from home to office, but mostly Mark made the trip relentlessly everyday. Mark & his little boy Pinky, were quite a pair. I would find Mark sound to sleep on the couch with Pinky laying on his chest head resting on Mark's shoulder. As Pinky grew he eventually moved into a baby playpen with his nappies, pet bed and blankets. One day Mark started looking all over for Pinky in a panic because he didn't see him in his playpen. Mark searched everywhere but couldn't find Pinky. I could just hear the laughter from Pinky as he watch his daddy search for him to no avail. I finally asked Mark to check his playpen again and sure enough Pinky was hiding under his pet bed watching his daddy hunt for him....laughing I'm sure. Poor Mark was in such a worried state looking for him. Pinky loved playing games like that with his daddy. --- Sel

From: Selma Buchholz-Graham Friday, November 22, 2019
November 10, 2019 Mark and his beloved wife Selma have been dear friends for many years. We worked together on the battlefield of the Texas Workforce Commission and helped each other survive. My two fondest memories of Mark both are concerning his rabbit rescue work. The first was when he brought a rabbit to the office and kept it there for a week before anyone knew about it; it needed special care. The second was when, after discussing rabbit rescue with his car salesperson,who asked if he knew anyone who did hedgehog rescue, he found my beloved pet hedgehog Pins for me. He and Selma went with me to the dealer to pick up Pins. The most important thing one can know about a person is how he or she treats animals. Mark was a saint for animals and many will be greeting him in Heaven. I wish you a blessed and happy trip to the Rainbow Bridge, dear friend. The bunnies are waiting. My deepest love to sweet Selma. Ruth Roberts, Galveston, TX

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