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In loving memory of Eddie David
5/12/1933 - 7/24/2020

Location: Modesto, California

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This memorial was created in honor of Edison "Eddie" Eshay David of Modesto, California. Edison was born on May 12, 1933 in Habbaniya and passed on July 24, 2020. Edison was loved by many and will be dearly missed by all friends and family.


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From: Caroline Sangari Monday, August 03, 2020
Uncle Edison or as I referred to him as Uncle Edo was a true gentleman and a class act! Some of my most cherished and fond childhood memories were spent at his house. He provided his family with a home that was filled with warmth, kindness and love. Even as a child I was able to comprehend that. I have many beautiful memories of uncle Edo but one stands out the most. My grandfather was a man who loved to make things. One day as he was working on an item, he lost the bolt part of the nuts and bolts that he was using. I remember he made us look for it the whole day. We turned the house upside down to look for it but to no avail. That evening uncle Edo came to visit looking as cheerful as ever. He walked in with his beautiful bright smile. My grandfather complained to him that he had lost the bolt. Uncle Edo looked at my grandfather and said, “khalo (uncle) can you please check the fold at the bottom of your pants?”. Low and behold, the bolt was found. It took uncle Edo five minutes to figure out something that we spent the whole day looking for. Uncle Edo saved the day!
What an amazing legacy uncle Edo has left behind. A legacy that is etched into the minds of so many people with his beautiful and kind acts. His name is carved into so many hearts.
My deepest and sincere condolences to aunty Mary, Sylvia, David and Thomas. I pray that you will be surrounded with God’s comforting love knowing that uncle Edison is with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
With much love and respect,

From: Jonathan Benjamin Sunday, August 02, 2020
From: Jonathan Benjamin

Eddie was my coach and my mentor in Iraq along with Late Ammo Baba From 1964-1969 in the Assyrian athletic club in Baghdad. Eddie was my roll model and gave me the best advise to become a good player and then coach. May God rest his soul in heaven. Will be missed

From: Ben Lazar Sunday, August 02, 2020
You were like a second father to me coach. I joined your soccer team when I was 16 years old and everything I know about soccer came from you. I now coach my son and daughter and my practices are built around your practices and many times I find myself repeating your words to the kids. Your voice is always in the back of my mind but not only as a coach but as a father and a mentor. You will always be missed. Rest In Peace I know God’s angels are watching over you.

From: MARTIN DAVID Sunday, August 02, 2020
Eddie and I met at the soccer field in early 1990. I knew of Edison Eshaya's soccer fame from Iraq. I too was born in Habbaniya. Iraq but, never had the privilege of meeting Eddie in person. Though, our two families knew each other very well. At the soccer field at the Davis's High School, I was managing and playing with soccer team men over 30 . Eddie was coaching the Assyrian Civic Soccer Team. Both of our teams had practice at the same filed and that is how I had the honor in meeting the legendary professional and the international soccer player Eddie David and my childhood hero too. Eddie and I became the best of friends, our wives became good friends too. We loved Eddie and his children and his entire families, we adopted them as our own family. We had traveled and shared some great and memorable times together. I used to tell Eddie, " Eddie , we both are from the David's family but, you are the one who has the Star of David printed in his forehead", he would reply with a big smile, why?. I would reply, Eddie," whenever we meet strangers, that may be children, young boys or girls or the elderly, they all fall in love with you. Eddie , you have a million dollar smile and a great personality too". You are loved by everyone. I am jealous Eddie. Again he would put that big smile on his face, sayin it polatlitly, thank you my good friend . Eddie was a humble man a simple human being. Loved God and his family and he loved everyone.He was a faithful Christian. He was a very peaceful man. Eddie was born to play soccer. He loved all sports specially, soccer. He is the only soccer player that I know of that played and coached soccer from the moments of taken his first walking steps until the last years of his life. All of his soccer pears quite the soccer game after they retired, except Eddie , he went on in studying in Germany to become a professional coach and after he migrated to this blessed country, America, he went on with his education in obtaining a California Soccer Credentials to Certify Referees and Coaches with the legal California licenses. Whenever I was asked by Eddie to assist him in coaching, I felt so honored by this legendary giant of soccer. I was amazed of his coaching abilities. One time I went with him to assist him to coach a team that happened to be located at some mountain in Northern California, I never heard of those mountains, the team was sponsored by Actor Robert Conrad. I could not believe what I witnessed in Eddie's abilities, he was not looking at the map, he was sniffing his way to the soccer field. We used to laugh about that, I would say to him, Eddie, most times you lose your way on the lake, when we took our pontoon to Turlock Lake,he always lost his way, I would say to him, how is it that you can find these hidden soccer fields--? with a big smile on his face, he would answer me, I was born for soccer. At the end of Eddie's journey of his life, I never stopped visiting him regardless of his health condition, I kept in close contact with him with the exception of this Corona-19. Regretfully they did not allow visitors and I am so sorry for not saying goodbye to my best friend. While visiting was permitted I kept visiting him and kept our old memories alive and to see him one more time laughing. Eddie was my best friend and my brother he was a member of my family too. We shall miss him very much. May he rest in peace. May God blesses his soul and keep him as an Angels in heaven. While I am alive on this earth, I shall miss him very much. To: Mary and the family. our deepest condolences to you and to your family. We love you all.

From: SYLVIA DAVID CHING Saturday, August 01, 2020
Here is Eddie David Award video Tribute Assyrian Civic Club 70th Anniversary.

Please copy & paste the link in a URL line.

From: Annie Lazar Saturday, August 01, 2020
My dearest Aunty Mary and cousins, Sylvia, David, Thomas and family,
I am deeply saddened by the news of dear Uncle’s passing. When I shared the grievous news with my husband Ninos, he said, “We have now lost a true soccer legend. He was deeply admired and loved by many. He made us proud.” Sadly, I never had the privilege of meeting Uncle though as I read his life story and the loving tributes to him, he lived a full and active life. The gift God gave him to play soccer on a professional level, not only helped him reach his personal best but it touched the lives of so many others, young and old. He earned the love, admiration and respect of his family, friends, community and country. His life journey certainly reflects a book of prized memories, the most precious one which connected him personally to our Lord Jesus Christ. RIP dear Uncle, endearingly known as Coach Eddie. May the truth of Jesus Christ and His gift of salvation strengthen and comfort you all. I love you and keep you in my prayers xxx.

From: Ashur Isaac Saturday, August 01, 2020
Dear Aunty Mary, cousins Sylvia, David Thomas and all the David family,
Our deepest condolences for the loss of you husband and father, uncle Edison. Uncle Eddie was an amazing and well-respected man. Aunty Mary has shared many stories about uncle Eddie, his early life, his renowned accomplishments, his strength and his heart when helping others in need. We are so proud of uncle Eddie, especially because of his faith and love for Jesus, even in his late condition singing "Jesus loves me this I know..." and because his family loves Jesus. It says a lot about the man, who has such a beautiful family in aunty Mary, Sylvia, David, Thomas and his grandchildren. God's Light upon his soul! Love to all the family, God give you comfort and joyful memories to celebrate uncle Eddie's life. Many kisses and hugs from Asmar and Ashur Isaac, Sydney Australia xxx

From: Annabel Stocchetti Friday, July 31, 2020
Dearest Aunt Mary and family,
We are all so sorry for the loss of such a great man, my Uncle. He brought so much happiness into so many lives and has left a hole that will never be filled. But he leaves so much love behind for you all and will forever remain in all our hearts.
Love Annabel xxx

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