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He walked in love...
3/22/1952 - 11/20/2017

Location: Spokane, Washington

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Services held
December 9th
11 am.
Timberview Church


On March 22, 1952, a bright, shining light was born in Kalispell, MT. On November 20th 2017, that amazing light went out and the world is far dimmer. It's an easy phrase to say that someone "walked in love", but Lindal "Lin" Joseph Hansen truly did. He never met someone who did not become family within 10 minutes.

We are truly thankful his love shined the brightest on those nearest to him: his adoring, devoted wife, Joyce Hansen; his four sons who strive daily to follow in his footsteps and emulate his example, and the women blessed to marry them: Todd and Desiree with their 3 children, Craig and Jamie with their 4 children and 3 grandsons, Adam and Theresé with their 2 children, and Joel and Kimi with their 2 daughters. As well as the older brother who admired him, Mikel, and his loving sister-in-law, Darlene.

Lin adored his grandchildren. When they were babies, he loved holding them and falling asleep in his recliner. As they grew older, he was all about large family camping trips and fishing expeditions. He was the father and grandfather at every birthday, graduation and wedding with either a camera or vows firmly in hand.

He valued his friendships and working relationships very highly, always happy to help where he could. Lending a hand to others brought meaning to his life and his unflinching generosity was an example to all who knew him.

He was a devout Christian, firm in his faith. For this reason, we can say with joy and confidence that he is with God. He is no longer in pain. And finally, all the mysteries of the universe have been exposed to him, he has answers and his curiosity can rest.

We love you, Dad. Make sure your mansion in heaven is ready for us all, because your family tree just keeps exploding bigger and bigger almost daily.


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From: Jamie Hansen Thursday, December 21, 2017

I?'ve called a couple of men "Dad" in my life. My reasons were biology and marriage and love.

But you're the one who showed me what a Dad really is. He's a man who's there for all the big moments as well as the tiny ones, the lazy days, the heartbreaking days, the overwhelming and scary days. He doesn't just pick a type or a section of time, he's present for all of it.

You included me in the family Christmas dinner when I was 16 and you never made me feel like I didn't belong. Never in 26 years. You never let me think your son could have chosen better or that you wished he had chosen differently.

You were there when I graduated, when I married your son. Guiding me through theological, Philosophical and political conversations and establishing a solid foundation within me.

You supported us while we adjusted to marriage and impending parenthood.

You gave me encouragement, saying, "You're doing good, honey!" Just before you ran from the delivery room.
You helped us move into our new home, showing us how to fix it when things broke.

You gave me a furnace when I was freezing and air conditioners when I was boiling because you knew what temperatures could do to me.

When my health started it's down hill slide, you were my strength and balance. Steady and solid as the trunk of an oak tree

As much you hated hospitals, every time I have had surgery, you were at my bedside when I awoke. When my child had surgery, you held my hand.

You've talked with me, taken me on family vacations and camping trips, rebuked me, lectured and schooled me.

You were there my first day home in a wheelchair. And celebrated with me for publication of my first two books. And when I drove over after church this summer, you were there for a few lazy, breezy summer visits.

Over the last several years you and I have been sick with many things and every time we've been together you've made a point of putting your arms around me and telling me you love me. I knew, even then, you were making sure that I never doubted how you felt no matter what happened.

After I met you, I never felt the need to look any further or call anyone else "Dad". You are my dad and I'm proud to carry your name until I die.

Even better, you raised your son to be an amazing Dad so my daughters know what it's like to have one and how important it is to marry well, because a good dad shapes a good life.

I once horrified you and said I didn't know if I wanted to go to heaven. Praising God and stroking his ego all day just didn't sound all that exciting to me. But now I understand a little more. One moment in heaven thanking God for putting you in my life is one of the best things I can ask for.

I picture you standing there with an ugly stick in one hand and a cooler of cold drinks in the other and a camera strapped around your neck ready to hike up to a remote location to relax with the fish and Jesus while you wait for us to join you both.

Because family, peace, and love are what truly glorifies God.

A life well-lived praises and thanks Him for the gift of life that He has given us.

I gotta say Dad, you're definitely one of the reasons I'm looking forward to heaven.

Until then, I'll miss you every day.


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