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A loving father, my mentor, my hero!
2/19/1924 - 5/5/2017

Location: Delray Beach, Florida

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This man touched so many lives in so many ways. A father, a son, a brother, a husband, a grandfather, an uncle, a teacher and a friend.
As a father he was fiercely protective, with high expectations and a force to be reckoned with.
He was a dutiful and loyal son, though he kept my grandma running, so the stories go!
He was extensively involved with family and friends, attending gatherings and hosting many.
As a teacher he was a strict taskmaster with high expectations. His students looked up to him, and he maintained relationships with many students, years after teaching.
He took a keen and active interest in people, especially someone who showed interest in bettering themselves. He would make himself available to help them with unlimited enthusiasm. He encouraged everyone to question others and especially themselves. He invariably assumed a devil's advocate role, often frustrating the very people he loved and desperately wanted to influence.
He had several significant partnerships with woman whom he loved and respected dearly. The one left behind, Carol, will surely testify of his devotion and the tremendous hole that is left in his wake.
He experienced great loss in his life, though to know him you would not suspect this. He was a man who lived in the moment at 110 percent. He focused on others rather than himself.
He had degrees in electrical and mechanical engineering. He also a was a bio engineer, known as professor Blesser, heading his department at Poly Tech institute in Brooklyn. He loved his work, but his passions were eclectic and numerous.
Among his many talents he was an accomplished musician, painter, writer and carpenter. But I would have to say, his truest passion was understanding human behavior and motivating people to "think". While going through his papers, I discovered many papers he had written, which he called "rambles". They included a variety of subjects. His favorite subject by far was titled the Think/Feel ratio. I will include some of his writing in another section if you dare to challenge yourself. The Think/Feel ratio ideas were significant for me, and served as a catalyst for change in my life. His theories helped me to understand and be more aware of how my thoughts were instrumental in influencing my every action. We would have many long discussions on this topic. These ideas impacted my life in such positive and dramatic ways. Ultimately they helped enable me to change my negative thinking to positive, which resulted in powerful change in my life
He tried to convince you he was gruff and unemotional, but nothing could be further from the truth. And any of you fortunate enough to have seen through his exterior persona, knew he was extremely sensitive and possessed a depth of compassion, unparalleled by most. He often claimed disdain for the human race, but he had to have optimism in our kind, because he never gave up trying. He is my true example of honor and integrity personified.


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From: Carol Nussbaum Tuesday, July 25, 2017
This dear man touched me so deeply. His capacity to love and to accept love was amazing. The scope of his interests and his passion for life, learning, and loving was unequaled. All that he was (even the contentiousness that he denied) travels with me as I adjust to life without him. His memory lives on within me and warms me daily. Carol Nussbaum

From: Bonnie Roehrs Sunday, July 23, 2017
Stay tuned for music video and live recorded lectures of Bill on engineering

Please feel free to check in periodically for added content from others

From: Bonnie Roehrs Wednesday, July 05, 2017
Poem to dad by Bonnie Roehrs

His name is Bill Blesser
and he is my dad
I love him to pieces
Now dad, don’t get mad

He really objects
to the use of this word
Without clarification
He finds it absurd

So I’ll try to be clear
What our love means to me
Though there's countless examples
Endless possibilities

The man is not Superman
But a super man indeed
A stickler for honor
A rare kind of breed

He's my champion fighting for justice and truth
Against ignorance and inertia
And being aloof

He comes off prickly and gruff
He’s intense and aggressive
He thrives on debates
His tenacity impressive

He’s shown me the importance
of doing things right
Analyzing it all
I say black you say white

Dad’s not described
as a guy who is mellow
In fact he is known
for his sonorous bellow

He is loyal, reliable
He’s got my back
Though he can hardly resist
His 2x4 mental whack

But don’t get me wrong
He is one cheerful fellow
His smile brightens a room
when he says to you “hello”

Now don’t let him fool you
He’s an emotional guy
He will act very tough
so that people won’t pry

His capacity for caring
The norm he surpasses
Though his tolerance limited
With disdain for the masses

His accomplishments, astounding
He has done more than most
But many won't know this
Cause he’ll never boast

He examines brain chemistry
He thinks you should too
education is nonsense
if one’s not thinking it through

there’s nought a dull moment
His passions are numerous
A clever done quip
Ogden Nash keeps it humorous

He’s introduced me to the fine things in life
The ballet and the opera
Cooking with a sharp knife
Fresh Bagels on sunday
Carvell on a hot summer night
We shared these together along with the fights
You’ve taught me so much
ride a bike, play guitar
Pack a suitcase like a puzzle
you’ve taken me far

You shared with me
some of your favorite things
the bold NY skyline
Elusive butterfly wings

a beautiful painting
a song that brings tears
when practicing dreams
They chase away fears

And when chasing happiness
is a dead end
just forget and keep busy
(It alights on your shoulder)
forever your friend

But the most treasured gift
the best lesson bestowed
Is a habit, a practice is a destiny is sowed

so this is what love means to
this daughter and dad
a Mentor, a friend, an exceptional lad.

My LOVE and respect
words can’t accurately say
So i’ll settle for this
Happy Dear Fathers Day

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