Date Created: 01/16/2014
Last Updated: 06/29/2014

The life & times of Michelle "Buffy" Lawler
2/17/1968 - 12/23/2013

Location: Staten Island, New York

Visits: 13,698


This memorial has been created to honor the life and memory of Michelle "Buffy" Lawler. Loved and respected by many, Michelle was and still is an inspiration to all she came in contact with.

Everyone is invited to share the wonderful memories you experienced with Michelle...
Don't hesitate to post photo's, videos or songs. Light a candle in Michelle's honor. You may link memorials or if you wish, post your condolences.


04/19/2014....HAPPY FIRST PASSOVER IN HEAVEN... I miss you so much. Many times I have picked up the phone to call you, then reality sets in. So many things we didn't get to say or do together.. We will soon be together again, this doesn't make it easier to accept... I am trying Mich... I pray for your strength... I love you my little girl.. You are with me always..

05/11/2014....HAPPY FIRST MOMMY'S DAY IN HEAVEN MY SWEET ANGEL....I thank God every single day that you realized the truth about the person trying to keep us apart.We did have some months to laugh, get to know more about each other, to love each other.Unfortunately, this person is now telling her stories (lies if you will) to a few of your friends. Walter is hearing about it but I can't say if it's directly or indirectly. Either way,, he won't speak with me. So i beg you to let him see the truth, just as you did...I miss my LiL Man more than any words could describe

I am so sorry for the life you had. Since the day you were TAKEN from my arms I have searched for you. Always wondering if you had a good life, if you were being abused. Please, please forgive me for not finding you and getting you away from that life. I will live with this guilt till the day I die. I'm sorry Baby.
By now I was hoping your friends would have come here and filled in some of the blanks...I only know of your beginning and end. I was hoping they would fill in the middle,


Media Album: Never Gone

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