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Never-Gone.com is now the only fully featured 100% free forever online memorial website on the Internet. This is a place where you can create an everlasting presence for your lost loved one. Share memories, stories, photos, videos, send condolences, write tributes, and link all your lost loved ones together. This will allow you to create a virtual interactive family tree for future generations to come. When we say free forever, we mean it. You will never be asked for any billing information, ever. At Never-Gone.com, we will not limit you when you are honoring the life of a lost loved one.

At Never-Gone.com you will receive unlimited, yes unilimited, photos, videos, music and content for your loved one’s memorial. You will receive all features of our site, 100% free of charge - forever, including hosting fees.

Our Memorial Features:

  • Unlimited Photos
  • Unlimited Videos
  • Unlimited Music
  • Condolences
  • Tributes
  • Candles
  • Memories & Stories
  • Life Story
  • Guest Book
  • Create & Save Tribute Video
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Newly Created Memorials

1978 - 2016
Jen Nicholls
Highlands Ranch, Colorado
This memorial was created in honor of Jennifer "Jen" Renae Nicholls...View Memorial
1930 - 2016
Abhimanyu Ranasingh
Bhubaneswar, International
This memorial was created in honor of Abhimanyu Ranasingh of...View Memorial
1958 - 2016
Ben Brisby
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
This memorial was created in honor of Benoit "Ben" Claude Brisby of...View Memorial
2015 - 2016
Christian Moldovan Jr
Brunswick, Ohio
I have created this memorial for my nephew Monk,who was very...View Memorial