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Frequently Asked Questions

Being the nature of this site, many people have many different questions. Some of these questions are regarding our site, features, functionality, costs, etc. We have compiled a list of the most frequent questions that can surely answer a few of yours.

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How much will I be charged for my memorial?Expand/Collapse
Will I be charged hosting or maintenance fees for my memorial I create?
Why create an online memorial?Expand/Collapse
What if I dont want the public to view the memorial? Are there privacy settings?
Will the memorial I create be online forever?Expand/Collapse
How and why can we give this service away for free when all the other sites charge after their trial period is over?
How can others see the memorial I created for my loved one?
Can other family and friends update the memorial such as photos and information?
How much space can I have for photos and videos on my memorial?
Will my loved ones memorial always be free?Expand/Collapse

Newly Created Memorials

1943 - 2020
Walter Huckaby
Hayward, California
This memorial was created in honor of Walter Benjamin Huckaby of...View Memorial
1967 - 2020
Bob Sanders
Centennial, Colorado
This memorial was created in honor of Robert "Bob" Sanders of...View Memorial
2000 - 2020
Daniel Ponte
Diamond Bar, California
This memorial was created in honor of Daniel Parkinson Ponte of...View Memorial
1989 - 2020
Mark Tenn
Denver, Colorado
This memorial was created in honor of Mark Alexander Tenn of Denver,...View Memorial